Bitumen Road Construction

Anionic Bitumen Emulsions

The bitumen content of anionic bitumen emulsions used in Australia is not less than 55 percent but this can be increased up to 70 percent. Bitumen used may be either Class B160 or Class B80.

Anionic bitumen emulsions are classified, according to their setting (or breaking ) times, as rapid setting (ARS), or slow setting (ASS).

(a)  Rapid Setting (ARS) : Rapid setting emulsion is one which breaks rapidly on application. It is suitable for maintenance patching and sealing. It may be diluted with water for light
application such as surface enrichment provided the dilution does not generally exceed 1 to 1 by volume. If hard water is used a suitable detergent should be added.

(b) Slow Setting (ASS) : Slow setting emulsion is one which has sufficient mechanical and chemical stability for mixing with densely graded aggregates, soils, or finely divided
materials of small maximum size. It may be used for soil stabilisation and for light applications where a high dilution with water (up to 10 to 1 by volume) is required. Slow
setting emulsions are usually produced to meet a special need which takes into account the characteristics of the materials involved.

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