Asphalt Paving Road Construction

Asphalt Paving Job Control

For  effective  control  of  asphalt  paving  works  a  comprehensive  understanding  is necessary of each of the following:-

(1)     Specification requirements,
(2)     Plant capabilities,
(3)     Construction processes,
(4)     Inspection requirements.

When faults occur, it is essential that they are quickly recognized, their cause determined and the necessary corrections made promptly.

 Planning of Supervision of Asphalt Paving

Supervision  commences  prior  to  the  start  of  the  asphalt paving,  when  the  engineer  and  project engineer with  contractor’s  manager, laboratory manager  and  supervisor  to  discuss  plans  and  arrangements  for  the carrying out of the works. Matters affecting the quality and timing of the works and the control of traffic that should be discussed, include:-

•    Rate of delivery of asphalt mix to the site,
•    Sequence of operations and safeguards to ensure continuity,
•    Number and types of rollers needed,
•    Matching of asphalt mix supply and paving speed,
•    The chain of command for giving and receiving instructions,
•    Reasons for rejecting the asphalt mix and/or suspending work,
•    Weather and temperature requirements,
•    Traffic control,
•    Lift thickness,
•    Spreading and rolling sequences,
•    Spreading and rolling temperatures,
•    Planning to minimize joints.

Before Paving Starts

Before  the  paving  operation  begins,  a  check  should  be  made  to  see  that  all  necessary inspections and preparations have been carried out. In particular check that:-

(a)     Base or roadway surface is properly prepared,
(b)     Traffic control arrangements are satisfactory,
(c)     Paving and compaction equipment is in good condition and adjustment,
(d)     Hand tools are available on the job,
(e)     Guidelines are in place,
(f)     Asphalt Paver screed is heated to operating temperature,
(g)     Inspectors and supervisors are familiar with the adjustments and settings of the type of
Asphalt Paver  being  used.

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