Bricks in Ancient Sri Lanka

The burnt/fired bricks are already used through extremely early on circumstances inside Sri Lanka. It is documented the fact that stones are already found in construction in the Thuparama Dagoba inside Anuradhpura by simply King Devanampiyatissa within circa 245 BC. Within Mahatupa (Ruwanweliseya) in 2nd centuries BC. Out of this time

period the actual bricks are actually employed in almost all crucial buildings and beyond just about all historic Bissokotuwa of sluices. Parker, mentions that they provides checked out the bricks of those performing tanks and found they are involving superb top quality. Bricks ended up made to specific configuration to match the meant use.

Inside Elephant Wall (Athpavra) associated with Ruwanweliseya the unique bricks for exact specific location and also dimensions, legs, trunks head and so on had been produced in various dimensions. Identical using the Athpaura of Nuwarawewa at Mihintale Road and Lankarama Dagoba. The bricks were normally notable in Brahmi albhabets that the time of manufactory may be recognized. In spires ( Kotha), which usually will be tapering the particular stones had been built to measurements each one Dagoba spire.

The actual each level is actually designated because Doloswana (twelfth) and many others., from your creating just before kilning, for straightforward assemblage. This has eased perhaps the following repair of the collapsed spires also (Pidurugala Dagoba). Parker, attempted to discover the particular time of structure of the buildings based on measurements the bricks; however this technique has not acquired a wide acceptability. Brick had been laid in Lime scale Mortar. Extremely thicker brick walls (as thick as 6ft) were constructed, not only because the ancients did not recognize their redundancy, but due to functional, aesthetic or other explanations.

Brick arches were develop but the complete components with the arch had been not really exploited, almost certainly as a result of experience connected with prior breakdowns by simply not sufficiently supporting the horizontal thrust. In arch containers the particular brick wall has been corbelled to be able to minimize the particular extend to e.g. at

Thuparama from 13’-7” to 8’-8” in last
courses of brick wall, starting from a height of 7’-5” to 15’-6”, from where the true arched vault commences.

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