Building Construction

Brickwork Bonds

There is several brickwork bonds use in construction but here we are going to introduce only few bonds & those are English bond which is used for 225mm thick walls and stretcher bond.

English Bond

This bond consists of alternate course of headers and stretchers. In this arrangement, vertical joints in the header courses come over each other than the vertical joints in the stretcher course are also in the same line. For the breaking of vertical joints in the successive course it is essential to place queen closer, after the first header in each heading course.

Stretcher Bond

In this brickwork bonds all the bricks are laid as stretchers. This bond is used for half-brick partition walls only. As this bond does not develop proper internal bond, it should as far as possible be not used for walls having thickness more than half brick.

Brick Wall Strengthening Method

Dowel Fixing in Brickwork

Dowels are steel rods ( Y10 or Y12) use for strengthening purposes where brick walls and concrete faces are meet together and also it prevents cracking along the joint due to vibrations.

Normally dowels can be fixed at two stages.

1. Dowels are fixed before concreting structural members like columns and retaining walls. the positions where dowels should be fixed are determined by using relevant floor plan drawings/
2. Dowels can be fixed after concreting structural members. Holes are drilled to the desired diameter at the place where brick wall joint to the surface. Dowel is dipped in to the hole with construction grout or with epoxy


When 112.5mm thick walls are constructed to high level and to long the walls strength and stability falls. Hence to increase the strength and stability vertical and horizontal stiffness are provided at intermediate places. Stiffeners are reinforced concrete studs which are doweled to the slab or columns.

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