*  Bricks are the most popular form of walling material in building construction field.

*  Bricks used in various types of works such as boundary walling, foundation & walls for super structure,

*  Their limited size & verity of colors & textures made them a attractive appearance and easy in laying.

*  Bricks are made from various kinds of clay. Bricks are molded either by machinery or by hand. The slandered size of a bricks is 225*112.5*75mm in size. But all of bricks were not in same size and strength also we seen that practically.

*  The bricks strength depends on the type of clay & burning period. In this site quality of brick is visibly checked by consultant after they are supplied to the work site. But contractor should submit test report for the strength of brick wall before they used for the construction The following characteristics are observed in checking a bricks

1.       Even  color.

2.        It should not have surface cracks and cavities.

3.        Dust should not be on the surface.

4.       The weight of the Brick.

5.       Regular size and shape

  • We can check whether bricks are sufficiently burnt or not by amount of water that it absorb. Lower burnt bricks absorb more water and they are poor in strength. Over burnt bricks absorb less water and are poor in bonding.
  • The standard applicable for brick work in Sri Lanka is SLS39 : 1978.

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