BS Codes – Table13

BS Code Description Availability
BS1881-115 1986 Testing concrete

Part 115: Specification for compression testing machines for concrete

Reprinted, incorporating Amendment No.1

BS1881-116 1983 Testing concrete

Part 116: Method for determination of compressive strength of concrete cubes

Reprinted, incorporating Amendment No.1 and No.2

BS1881-117 1983 Testing concrete

Part 117: Method for determination of tensile splitting strength

Incorporating Amendment No.1

BS1881-118 1983 Testing concrete

Part 118: Method for determination of flexural strength

Incorporating Amendment No.1

BS1881-119 1983 Testing concrete

Part 119: Method for determination of compressive strength using portions of beams broken in flexure (equivalent cube method)

BS1881-121 1983 Testing concrete

Part 121: Method for determination of static modulus of elasticity in compression

BS1881-122 1983 Testing concrete

Part 122: Method for determination of water absorption

Incorporating Amendment No.1

BS1881-124 1988 Testing concrete

Part 124: Methods for analysis of hardened concrete

BS1881-125 1986 Testing concrete

Part 125: Methods for mixing and sampling fresh concrete in the laboratory

Reprinted, incorporating Amendment No.1

BS1881-127 1990 Testing concrete

Part 127: Method of verifying the performance of a concrete cube compression machine using the comparative cube test

BS1881-128 1997 Testing concrete

Part 128. Methods for analysis of fresh concrete

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