BS Codes – Table14

BS Code Description Availability
BS1881-129 1992 Testing concrete

Part 129: Method for determination of density of partially compacted semi-dry fresh concrete

BS1881-130 1996 Testing concrete

Part 130. Method for temperature-matched curing of concrete specimens

BS1881-131 1998 Testing concrete

Part 131. Methods for testing cement in a reference concrete

Incorporating Amendment No.1

BS1881-201 1986 Testing concrete

Part 201: Guide to the use of non-destructive methods of test for hardened concrete

BS1881-202 1986 Testing concrete

Part 202: Recommendations for surface hardness testing by rebound hammer

BS1881-203 1986 Testing concrete

Part 203: Recommendations for measurement of velocity of ultrasonic pulses in concrete

Incorporating Amendment Nos.1 and 2

BS1881-204 1988 Testing concrete

Part 204: Recommendations on the use of electromagnetic covermeters

Incorporating Amendment No.1

BS1881-206 1986 Testing concrete

Part 206: Recommendations for determination of strain in concrete

BS1881-207 1992 Testing concrete

Part 207: Recommendations for the assessment of concrete strength by near-to-surface tests

BS1881-208 1996 Testing concrete

Part 208: Recommendations for the determination of the initial surface absorption of concrete

BS1881-209 1990 Testing concrete

Part 209: Recommendations for the measurement of dynamic modulus of elasticity

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