Channel Construction

Channel Construction in Urban Areas

Environmental Consideration for Channel Construction in Urban/Sub Urban Areas

when starting  channel construction in urban areas, adequate environmental consideration and proper preventive measures will be taken for noise, vibration, air and water including  groundwater pollution. Maintaining the existing groundwater level is also an important factor for the environmental consideration.

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has to be carried out for the sub urban area that there is possibility of moderate or minor impacts to the following items:

1. Traffic congestion during the construction works
2. Waste disposal during the construction
3. Noise and vibration caused by construction works
4. Air pollution and dust during construction

The impacts related to traffic congestion would be minimized by identification of roads to be used for the material and equipment transport, type of vehicle and required traffic control measures. A traffic survey has to be carried out and the  further recommendations arising from this study would be incorporated as construction procedure to ensure the adherence to such recommendations. Notification of construction plans in advance to other road users and residents in the area will be necessitated. Impacts on roads and bridges due to transport of materials and trans-location of equipment must be mitigated by drawing up a equipment mobilization plan taking into account the condition of the bridges and culvert on which the machinery has to travel.

Regarding waste disposal, adequate stipulations would be incorporated into construction procedure to ensure safe transport of disposal material without causing inconvenience to public. Impacts of spill over of residue materials on roads would be mitigated by transporting material in dump trucks without overloading them but with a cover. Dumping of disposal material into water bodies need to be totally eliminated. For disposal of deleterious matter, such as dredge material from canals, permission has to obtained from the Central Environmental Authority considering method and sites of disposal. The sediment quality of the canals also need to be determined.

The Construction managers need to aware regarding  construction methodology  about type of equipment to be used so that noise and vibration could be minimized to acceptable levels. However, the adherence to the noise and vibration standards provided by the National Environmental Act (considering noise levels and night operations permitted in residential areas) would be a requirement

Use of well-maintained vehicles and speed control, use of water spray in dusty work sites, covering of material during transport, etc., will be adopted to minimize air pollution and dust.

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