Clearing & Grubbing

6.4 Disposing of Valuable Trees
a. Road Development Authority, Divisional secretary, Forest Department and Timber Corporation would be contacted to get relevant permission and permits to cut and transport listed valuable trees, trunks, and branches.
b. After getting permits and approvals normally the Forest Department and Timber corporation would nominate a contractor to cut and remove the tree and if not the contractor would be responsible to cut and remove trunks to the locations specified by the Forest Department and Timber Corporation

6.5 Environment Control
a. Strict environmental compliance would be implemented with regard to disposal of any demolished derbies.  The debris in question would be transported and dump in the disposal areas as specified by contractual specification.
b. Disposable material would not be dumped into streams or unauthorized areas.
c. Effort would be made to clean the affected road surface, i.e., brushed off, and washed off to prevent from dust pollution.
d. Top soil shall be collected before cutting the slope in order to plant vegetation after completion of required area is being cut.
e. Local Environmental rules would be followed in the slope cutting i.e. shall not reach to a fence and cutting shall be 3ft away from a private land, if not retaining wall  would be proposed to prevent from erosion.
f. Every effort would be made to ensure no environmental pollution complaints from residents of this area with regard to air and water pollution.
g. Environmental Complaints would be registered in the Complaint register as specified in the Environmental Implementation Action Plan.
h. Every effort would be made not to disturb prevailing surface water run off.  In case of prevailing surface water run off could be disturbed then investigation would be conducted to find out proper irrigation channeling system such as “ Athulwana or pitawana”, which was used in the olden irrigation system.
i. Water pool area would not be disturbed when disposing excavated soil. In case of a paddy field would be filled and disturbed then the approval for reclamation shall be obtained from the Agrarian Services Department prior to filling.
j. Water streams and water wells would be prevent from pollution. Equipment and vehicles shall not be allowed to wash in the drinking water wells or streams.
k. Noise pollution prevention effort would be made to minimize construction noise levels. Vehicles and equipments shall be maintained in good condition in order to prevent from noise pollution.
l.  A water bowser mounted sprinklers shall be used to minimize dust pollution.
m. All workers involved in slope cutting shall be educated with regard to ancient antiques, temples, and “Ambalama” to be protected.

6.6 Project Affected Program
a.Workers involved in construction in this area shall be educated with regard to HIV/AIDS prevention. Separate HIV/AIDS prevention education program shall be conducted along with Medical Officer of Health / Public Health Inspector.
b.Relevant authorities shall be educated with regard to our PAP prior to start work in these areas. Leaflets and other sources of education material with regard to construction shall be distributed among the Project Affected People.
c. Every effort shall be made to minimize the disturbance from the project.
d.If not convince to an affected person with regard to disturbances every effort shall be made to direct them to Residents Engineer for amicable settlement.

7.0 Quality Control Procedures

7.1 Inspection Check List
To ensure that the steps of the procedure are fully complied with during the clearing and grubbing works, certain inspections and verifications would be carried out. The initial inspection will be carried out with the Engineer and record of this inspection will be issued under the form Inspection check list for clearing and grubbing. During the same inspection, the Engineer will equally confirm his instructions with regard to the number of trees to be cut and clearing and grubbing operations on the inspection records.

7.2 Measurement Control
Measurement controls relative to girth (diameter) of trees would be carried out and recorded during the course of the works as indicated in the above procedures.  Recording of such measurements will be attached to the inspection sheet. With regard to the measurement of general clearing and clearing & grubbing, measurement would be taken based on work done quantity as m2.

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