Concrete Placing & Compacting

Placing and compacting of concrete

The operation of placing and compacting are interdependent and are carried out almost simultaneous. They are most important for ensuring the requirement of strength, impermeability and durability of the hardened concrete in the actual structure.

The main objective of placing of concrete is to deposit the concrete as close as possible to its final position so that segregation is avoided and the concrete can be fully compacted. To achieve this process following things should be done.

1.      The concrete should be placed uniformly

2.      The thickness of the layer should be compatible with the method of vibration so that the entrapped air can be removed.

3.      The rate of compaction and placing of concrete should be equal.

4.      Each layer should be fully compacted before placing the next one.

5.      Collision between concrete and formwork or reinforcement should be avoided.

6.      Concrete should be placed in a vertical plane

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