Earth Works Road Construction

Controlling Earthmoving Plant

In order to ensure that controlling earthmoving plant is used in the most economical manner the supervisor must :-

•    Work with the civil engineer to estimate the anticipated (target) out put per hour (or day or week) for each machine and earthmoving plant hours required to complete each major task.

•    Work with the quantity surveyor to estimate, from plant hire and wages etc., the cost of completion the earthwork in the programmed time using the earthmoving plant selected. Check to ensure the work can be performed within the amount provided in the estimate.

•    Study each operation carefully as it begins and check cycle times etc. to see if improvements can be made.

•    During the progress of the work, check that target outputs are being achieved by earthmoving plant.

•    Always think ahead and anticipate problems. What happens for example, if motor grader or roller breaks down ? Have an alternative plan ready.

•    Controlling earthmoving plant that Ensure plant fleet is balanced, i.e. machine capacities are matched as far as possible, e.g. loader output matches trucking capacity.

•    Always make the best use of the driver instructor.

•    Ensure that operators are properly directed by the earthmoving plant supervisor.

•    Watch  plant  operations  closely  for  faulty  techniques  and  have  these  corrected.  (Poor operating techniques can reduce output by 50%).

•    Use human relations skills to get the best out of the  earthmoving plant  operators. They are key men on the job.

•    Ensure  machines  are  not  abused.  If  a  machine  has  to  be  continually  pushed  beyond  its capacity, look for a better way of doing the job or get a better machine.

•    Check that the servicing of plant is being carried out. Discuss any problems with the  earthmoving plant  inspector.

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