Asphalt Paving Road Construction

Dense Graded Asphalt Concrete

 Dense graded asphalt  concrete includes a mixture of bitumen along with several levels associated with coarse and fine aggregate and usually a mineral filler such as lime scale, Portland cement or fly ash. Until recently the Division known this material because bituminous concrete. Typical blend properties tend to be shown in beneath.

By Weight %:

Coarse Aggregate = 62
Fine Aggregate     = 28
Filler                    =  5
Bitumen               =  4.5 ~ 5.2

By Volume %
Coarse Aggregate = 54.5
Fine Aggregate     = 24.6
Filler                    =   4.6
Bitumen               =  13.3
Air Voids             =   3 ~ 7

Such a mix depends largely on grading and density for stability and, after becoming compressed, presents a surface area of near texture. It requires careful proportioning associated with materials and the mixer of high effectiveness for uniform layer of all combination contaminants with binder.

The actual workability of a dense graded mix depends largely on its temperature, and it is actually therefore necessary that the blend be spread and compacted in order to it’s final shape while it still keeps adequate warmth.

Under regular conditions thick rated asphalt offers sufficient skid resistance as well as therefore may be the material most utilized by the Department. For this reason this program will be mainly dedicated to  dense graded asphalt concrete .

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