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Dust Laying Using Bitumen Emulsions

We already discussed concerning the dust laying under bitumen emulsions. But, i figured to go over at length here “how are we able to apply” that Dust laying can be utilized on unsealed granular pavements to minimize dust nuisance, in addition to decrease maintenance costs and lack of  pavement material.

The work tip describes using  bitumen emulsion.   Dust  laying using bitumen emulsion is usually only applicable to low  traffic roads  (under about 100 v/l/d), hard standing areas, haul roads and temporary pavements on construction sites.

Bitumen Emulsions

Types Used for Dust Laying

The best option emulsion grade for dust laying is usually anionic slow setting (ASS) although cationic slow setting (CSS) could also be used.


The emulsion is diluted with water just before use.  Dilution rates change from 4:1 water:emulsion to 12:1 water:emulsion, based on surface condition and application rate. A wetting agent or surfactant might be put into assist dilution and surface penetration.  The wetting agent should be suitable for the kind of  emulsion used.  Advice on compatible wetting agents and recommended dosage rates is obtainable from bitumen emulsion suppliers.

Compatibility from the water should be checked before diluting emulsion. When diluting emulsions, it is important to add water towards the emulsion, not emulsion to water to prevent premature breaking of emulsion. Only sufficient diluted emulsion for immediate use ought to be produced previously, as stored diluted emulsions are usually unstable.

Application Rates

An average application rate for diluted emulsion is all about 1.0 L/m2 of total liquid. If surface run-off occurs, the speed of application ought to be reduced. Lower application rates and better concentrations of emulsion are utilized on  hard surfaces . Higher application rates and much more diluted mixtures are utilized on softer and much more  permeable surfaces .

I am expecting write some more tips on dust laying  by using   bitumen emulsions  are in next post. You can Visit here.

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