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Engineer’s Responsibility in Industrial Matters

Industrial  Relations

In the field of industrial relations the engineer’s responsibilities are both to the  road construction company  and to the employees.
To adequately meet this responsibilities he must appreciate fully the importance of his personal conduct and his responsibility to others.

The Construction Engineer’s Personnel Conduct

Unless the Engineer, at all times, displays in his manners, address, way of living etc. that he is worthy of respect from his subordinates it is certain that he will not be able to assert the authority necessary to achieve the most efficient performance from those under his direction.  Sub-ordinates  look towards their boss for clear leads and directions, so he must apply himself to his duties in the most efficient way in order to set a good example.

It is human nature for us to set ourselves up as judges of all things done by our superiors and we are quick to be critical when there is any indication of indecision, slovenliness, carelessness etc.
It behaves the Construction Engineer therefore, if he expects efficiency and good work from his subordinates, to be sure that he shows himself to be careful, positive and efficient.

Engineer’s Responsibility to Others

A   Engineer’s responsibility is to be conscious at all times of his obligations, since he has the responsibility of seeing that both the interests of the  Construction Company  and the welfare of the employees under his control are adequately safeguarded.

This is generally regarded as the most important aspect of industrial relations as it is the area most susceptible to complications.

In managing people on the job a  Construction Engineer  must work within Construction Company directions and policies as well as an Award requirements.

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