Road Construction Traffic Control

Factors Affecting for Traffic Control in Road Construction Project

Factors affecting for traffic control in a construction of road project will vary  according to following conditions which are prevail.   We have to decide traffic control arrangement according to suit different conditions in  road construction project . When deciding what provisions for traffic are necessary the following factors should be considered –

•    Width  of  the  road  formation – Is  there enough room for the traffic  and  plant  to  operate safely and efficiently at the same time, can the shoulders be used for a  second traffic lane .

•    Traffic  density – How  much delay  in  construction  is the   traffic   likely  to cause  and vice versa.

•    Percentage of heavy vehicles – (remember things such as sugar or grain harvests).

•    Terrain – Shape and composition of the ground – e.g. black soil, rocky outcrops, swamps.

•    Seasonal  –  Shape  and  composition  of  the  ground  –  e.g.  black  soil,  rocky  outcrops, swamps.

•    Seasonal influences – Wet season, drought (water shortage).

•    Safety – job employees and the public.

•    Time – Comparison between alternatives.

•    Cost – Comparison between alternatives.

Above mentioned factors affecting for traffic control  in road construction project can be vary with special  situations and that should be decide to suit all the site conditions.

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