Asphalt Plant Road Construction

Filler Feeding in asphalt Plant

 Filler feeding  is separate storage for filler and the means for its controlled introduction into the pugmill should be provided. Measurement may be by weight or volume.

Filler is not passed through the dryer, as the flow of air to the dust extractor would carry most of the fine particles to the dust collector, and into the wet scrubber (if installed) or into the atmosphere.

Feeding of the filler is usually by mechanical means, which should be checked regularly to ensure that no obstructions have occurred to affect uniform feeding.

In  batch  plants  the  filler  is  proportioned  by  weight.  In  continuous  mix  plants  the proportioning  is  achieved  by  varying  the  filler  gate  opening  and  interlocking  the  filler  feed system  with  the  aggregate  feed  system.  The  average  proportions  of  filler  in  the  mix  can  be checked by comparing the total quantity of filler used and the quantity of mix produced. Do you need to more details about filler feeding and see batch and continuous plants.

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