Building Construction formwork design

Formwork Design

Formwork Design criteria for the water retaining structures..

1 The erected forms will be watertight in the ingress of external liquids and egress of internal liquids.

2 The look of formwork will consider; height and rate of pour; thickness of member; concrete slump and density; placing temperature; texture of finish; construction joints; wind load.

3 On soffit forms (along with concrete weight) one more live load of two.5 kN/m2, or one more live load of three.75 kN/m2 if your motorised cart can be used.

4 The minimum design load for combined dead and live load will be 6.50 kN/m2, or, if a motorised cart can be used, 7.75 kN/m2.

5 Within the assessment of loads, the worst mixture of self-weight, form work forces, reinforcement weight, wet concrete weight, construction loads, wind loads, incidental dynamic effects brought on by placing, vibrating and compacting concrete, using externally applied vibrators, approach to concrete discharge and access for concrete placement and vibration will be used.

6 Formwork will be made to be demountable without shock, disturbance or harm to concrete, and sufficiently rigid to keep the right position, shape and profile so the final concrete structure is at the dimensional tolerances based on BS 5328.

7 Soffit formwork, properly supported on shores only, will be able to be retained in place during concrete maturing period.

8 Adjustable steel supports and shores shall allow form-boards and framework to become accurately adjusted to line and level.

9 The look will allow free movement and accessibility under formwork.

10 Shores for abnormal ceiling heights will be specially designed.

11 Forms will incorporate 20 mm chamfers on exposed corners of columns, walls and beams, except where plaster or rendered finish is specified.

12 The Contractor will make sure that adequate ground support for shoring and supports is available, and when not, will take measures to ensure they are suitable.

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