Project Management

Organizing Construction Project

When all planning of project program is completed, the next step is to organizing construction project . Organizing  involves dividing up the work into various tasks, establishing their relationships and setting up an orderly means of carrying them out. Factors such as emergencies, absenteeism and resignations must all be allowed for it.

The following rules of  Organizing Construction Project should be observed:-

Split the job into various operations. Wherever possible one man or one gang should be given one operation to carry out.

Define the amount and extent of work in each operation to avoid over- lapping of duties.

Allocate duties so that the skills of the employee are best used.

Set out the way in which each operation is to be carried out.

Tasks which are similar should be allocated to the one person so that the job becomes specialized.

Set deadlines for the completion of tasks

Where a fast rate of  road construction work  is required, delegation of much of the detailed supervision of tasks becomes a necessity to allow the job supervisor to concentrate on overall management

Define the amount and extent of authority delegated for each task. This must be made known to all concerned. Note that when authority is delegated, responsibility is not relinquished.

Organize the supervision and quality control of the work so that each operation is controlled in proportion to its importance and cost.

The size and nature of the  road construction project  will determine the actual number and type of personnel needed to manage and control of the project and also will determine the organizational structure to be adopted.


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