Motor Grader Road Construction

Motor Grader and Bulldozer

A Motor Grader And Bulldozer

The difference between motor grader and bulldozer is  that bulldozer pushes material from the excavation area to a fill or stockpile. The Bull-blade being square to the direction of travel accomplishes this. Because this requires great attractive effort a Bulldozer is fitted with caterpillar tracks and has a large powerful engine. As the blade is placed at the front of the tractor, any movement in the tractor is magnified by the blade thus making it hard to achieve a smooth level surface.

A  Motor Grader  moves material sideways. The blade (moldboard) being set at approx 45° to the direction of travel accomplishes this. The movement of material in this method requires much less traction and energy; therefore Motor Graders have smaller engines and rubber tyres for traction. Never use a  Motor Grader  with the moldboard set square to the direction of travel, for this will almost certainly cause undue wear on the machine. The blade is placed between the front and rear wheels thus if any vertical movement of the wheels occurs the blade will move approx half the initial vertical movement. This makes it easier to achieve a smooth level surface.


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