Asphalt Paving Road Construction

Open Graded Asphalt Concrete

 Open graded asphalt  is produced from crushed or partly crushed aggregate containing hardly any fine material and incredibly little for filler injections. It is bound together with a relatively small amount associated with bitumen, is dependent mainly on mechanized lock with regard to stability and it has a high voids content. Because of its porosity it is less long lasting than a dense graded mix. Typical blend properties tend to be shown in beneath.

By Weight %:
Coarse Aggregate = 75
Fine Aggregate = 20
Filler = 1
Bitumen = 4.0 ~ 6.0

By Volume %
Coarse Aggregate = 56.3
Fine Aggregate = 14.6
Filler = 0.7
Bitumen = 8.4
Air Voids = 20.0

The open texture offers enhanced skid resistance and that’s why the mix is mainly utilized as a friction course. The porous mix of open graded asphalt enables water to escape through beneath vehicle tyres as well as as a result offers improved moist weather skid resistance from higher rates of speed. See notes 

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