Pipe Laying-Approval from Authority

Pipe laying work has to be carried out along the paved roads most of the time, Therefore paved roads belong to the government authorities and some of the service lines available

underneath of paved surface or both sides of the roads. The service lines has to be relocated or pipe line may change their trace according to the spaces available to relocation, cost

estimation, time taken to it etc.. The best solution may commenced after considering all the facts. in addition to the some of the other other authorities has to be connect and it will

vary geographically. The approval of the following authorities has to take officially most of the times for the pipe laying works.

The Authorities to take Approval

•    Sri Lanka Telecom
•    Ceylon Electricity Board
•    Lanka Electricity Company
•    National Water Supply & Drainage Board
•    Sri Lanka Railway Department (for railway crossings)
•    Department of Wild Life Conservation
•    Sri Lanka Police
•    Road Development Authority (for major roads)
•    Provincial Road Development Authority (for secondary roads)
•    Residents in the vicinity
•    Sri Lanka Forces
•    Pradeshiya Sabha (for minor roads)
•    Irrigation Department

Contractor coordinates the above listed authorities and relevant other parties through the employer and obtains permission for the excavation and pipe laying.
SLTB and Private Bus Companies shall be informed at least one week earlier if any traffic re-routing happens due to the excavation and pipe laying work. In such case alternative routes shall be provided and at the both ends of the closed roads signs shall be placed. Traffic Police shall be informed and arrow symbols shall be shown the alternative route for the road users.

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