Pipe Laying-General


Pressure testing of the pipes shall be done as per the Engineer’s requirements.
Pressure Testing Checklist shall be used for monitoring the Pressure Testing process. The results shall be recorded to the Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Monitoring Form.


Sufficient equipment and manpower shall be allocated for each pipe laying group. However machinery/equipment allocation, number of workers and work allocation method shall be decided depending on the site conditions, type of the pipe and the diameter of the pipe etc. There will be a technical qualified personnel of each working gang and competent enough to handle the job.


Additional care shall be paid for the work underneath electric lines.
Safety Officer shall visit the sites randomly and without any prior notice for safety inspection of the sites. Person-in-charge of each group shall be responsible for following every safety measure introduced by the Safety Officer. Safety Officer shall conduct Weekly Safety Toolbox Meetings and explain the safety procedure to the employees.
Special attention shall be paid for the pipe laying along the road. Traffic arrangement shall be discussed with the relevant Police Station prior to the commencement of work. Road Safety shall be among the considerations of the safety precautions.


Quality of the pipe laying process shall be monitored through the Pipe Laying Trenching Log. The Contractor shall maintain the quality of the construction work to match the quality of the ISO format.

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