The water supply projects/water distribution system may consist of pipe laying work either Ductile Iron Pipes or PVC pipes. The civil engineering background behind implementing pipe laying work shall be depend on the various circumstances.  But here we are introduced brief methodology of pipe laying work.

This  has been prepared to describe the effective and safe working procedure of trench excavation, narrow road excavation, rock excavation, excavation in the vicinity of services, dewatering, supporting of excavation, backfilling and removing of trench supports.  Date of commencement and expected date of completion of work shall be informed to the engineer and Work Program shall be handed over by the time of implementation of pipe laying work.


1. Contractor – Big Contractors Joint Venture
2. Client – National Water Supply & Drainage Board
3. Engineer – Qualified engineer who represents the client
4. Site Engineer – Qualified Engineer who represents the contractor
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