Pipe Laying – Material & Equipments


Other than backfilling soil all the materials shall be transported and stored as per the manufacturer’s recommendation in a proper storage yard. In the case of exceeding the storage space in the storage yard stores, rented/hired lands shall be used for the material store purpose. Details of such lands shall be provided to the Engineer for the prior approval.

All the material other than soil shall be handled as per the manufacturer’s recommendation by using sling wires, cranes and excavators depending on the type of the material, weight, space available, location of the site and other factors to be considered.

Material that can be blown away by the wind during the transportation (soil, sand, etc.) shall be transported by covered trucks. Pipes and fittings shall be inspected before they are transported to the site and records shall be maintained. Engineer shall be notified for the inspection of such material before dispatching to the pipe laying site. Excavated materials that can be used for the backfilling shall be stored in suitable location protecting from weather in a practical manner.


However as a minimum requirement the sub contractor expect to provide a set of survey instruments, crane (if necessary) and a trailer on sharing basis. Excavator/JCB, dump truck, pile driving equipment, water pump, plate compactor, generator shall be generally provided to the sites as the requirement. These equipments shall be maintained periodically by a separate crew. Crew Cab shall be utilized for the transportation needs. Other transportation shall be provided depending on the type of the machinery/equipment to be transported.

Parking of the vehicle, storing material/equipment shall be done at the main yard. But in a case of this premises shall not be practicable, a land shall be arranged by the officer-in-charge after discussing with the Construction Manager. However in a case of cease work for a considerable period all the equipment/machinery shall be stored at the main yard site.

The Engineer shall be informed to inspect shoring material, etc before using them. Such materials shall be listed and the list shall be submitted to the Engineer in advance.

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