Pipe Laying-Setting Out

Setting out on the ground will be done by a competent person with total station/theodolite as per approved construction drawings. Correct coordinates and levels shall be taken referring to TBMs established along the road.
Pipe line trace shall be marked on the ground as per the construction drawings and agreed by the Engineer. After finalizing the trace, trial pit investigation and other studies shall be carried out.
Final setting out work shall be done as per the Engineer instructions after the trial pit excavation.

Procedure to Setting Out

• The line and the level of the trenches shall be as per the drawing.
• The route of the trenching shall be pegged out accurately.
• Strong sight rails shall be fixed and maintained at every change in gradient.
• Any deviation of the line and/or grade shall be permitted by the Engineer.
• Nominal trench width shall be as indicated in the drawings.

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