Pipe Laying-Traffic Control Plan

Individual traffic arrangement shall be provided with coordination of Police, Traffic Division. Night work shall be introduced to the highly congested roads. For the other roads one lane shall be closed for the pipe laying work.
Maximum speed for the vehicle shall be 30kmph where the pipe laying work going on.
Where necessary only single lane traffic shall be allowed and the road shall be closed for the other way traffic for the pipe laying work.

Sign Boards
Sign boards shall be used for the road users to inform about the pipe laying.
Following sign boards shall be used mainly.

Men at Work Road Narrow

Method of Traffic Control
Vehicles shall be controlled at the both ends of the construction part of the road. Two men (Traffic Controllers) shall be allocated at the both ends to signal the vehicles to move/not to. They will carry “GO” and “STOP” boards and shall have communicative equipments (walky-talky) according to the site location and the distance. The traffic will move when the Traffic Controller shows the board “GO”, and the traffic will stop and allow the opposite traffic to flow while Traffic Controller shows the board “STOP”.

The boards shall be used both the day and the night time due to its property of reflecting the light, but where the Engineer requests for another arrangement for the night shifts, reflecting lighting guns shall be used for the traffic control.

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