Earth Works Road Construction

Pre-construction Planning & Programming of Earthworks

This is last section of pre-construction planning & programming of earthworks constructions  and stick to this procedure will bring-down the unnecessary problems in future.

(k) Material Quantities and Lengths of Haul. It is necessary to determine the quantities of material to be led to embankment, spoiled or borrowed. These quantities and the lengths of hauls must be determined so that appropriate plant can be selected and the work planned. The mass haul diagram is provided in the documents for this purpose.

(l) Selection of Material. The job must be planned so that the various materials available are used wherever possible in the position in the embankment where they will be most advantageous.

(m) Testing and Quality Control. The resource needs must be determined and testers and equipment must be ready so that testing can commence as soon as the earthworks begin.

(n) Plant Selection. It is important to select the correct type and size of plant required to carry out each task in view of the site conditions, type of material and the outputs required. Plant should be selected so that :

(1) As far as possible, the plant fleet is balanced.

(2) There is sufficient plant to achieve the desired progress of earthwork constructions.

(3) The plant fleet is flexible enough to avoid a major holdup if one item of plant breaks down.

(4) The right type of machine is used for each task.

(5) Each machine is of sufficient capacity to carry out the  earthwork job  effectively and efficiently.

In some instances circumstances may dictate selection of plant other than the ideal. However whatever the plant allocated it is necessary to establish its time of availability, and to estimate the operator hours, plant hours etc… relevant to each task.

(o) Provision of Earthwork. It is essential to determine the order in which work should be carried out and to plan so that operations are not spread out haphazardly as this makes supervision difficult and increases the time lost by plant traveling between tasks. Earthworks job should progress on a face with finishing and trimming being carried out as the work proceeds.

(p) Earthworks Program. The detailed earthwork program should show each major item of work, quantities, timing of operations and plant requirements.

In drawing up the earthworks program the engineer must consider all available alternatives. The earthwork construction program may need to be varied to match the resources available and to even out the demand for particular machines so as to provide continuity of work for them (e.g. a program which requires heavy dossers for six weeks then none for the next two weeks, and finally three for the next twelve weeks, obviously should be re-examined).

As summery of  Pre-construction Planning & Programming of Earthworks ahead of works are begin can be minimize future delays of construction work.

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