Earth Works Road Construction

Pre Constructions Planning of Earthworks

We discussed about planning of the  earthworks operation  in the previous post. All the earthworks construction and all the possible problems may arise has to plan before start the constructions and here we are going to outline the pre constructions planning of earthworks operation.

All the constructions matters which may arise and which  should  be  considered  at  the  pre construction  planning  and  programming  stage include :-

(a)  Job Documents.  Prior to any planning a through examination must be made of the project plans and specifications.

(b) Clearing and Surface Preparation.     To avoid delays it is necessary to plan for this work to be carried out well ahead of the earthworks construction.

(c)  Provision of Water for earthworks.  Where  there  is  no  permanent  water  supply  available,  all the temporary water supply reservoirs, rivers,streams or any alternative must be located prior to commencing work  so as to provide water for compaction.

(d) Service Alternations or Utility Line Relocation where earthworks constructions to be start.  Re-locations  to  telephone,  gas,  electricity  services  etc.  are  a  frequent source  of  delay.  Arrangement  for  these  alternations  should  be  made  as  early  as  possible. Service authorities often need a great deal of time to plan and design the alternations, obtain materials and program work to fit in with their normal commitments.

(e)  Slow and Difficult Work. Any section of the work which  may  be slow and difficult (e.g. a rock cutting) should be programmed for an early start so as to avoid possible delays to the whole earthwork job, consistent with other factors e.g. utilization of resources, overall economy.

(f)  Provision for Traffic The all the earthwork constructions must be planned to minimum inconvenience to  traffic , and should  be  completed  in  sections  avoiding  long  lengths  of  side  track(bypass).  Sections  where  side tracking(bypass) is difficult should be completed as quickly as possible.

(g) Wet Weather Effects -Rainy seasons. Sections of the work areas likely to be affected by rainy season or bad weather (e.g. boggy  flats) should  be constructed during the  first available dry period. If  left towards the end  of  the  job,  wet  weather  could  delay  the  completion  of  the  earthworks  and  additional  costs may have to be incurred to treat saturated areas.

(h) Saturated and Unstable Areas.  The ground on which embankments are to be placed should be  inspected  for  wet  or  saturated  areas  so  that  these  can  be  treated  well  ahead  of construction.

Pre construction planning of  earthworks in road constructions  may vary with large no of factors. We are going to discuss, how to determine daily productions, how many machines are going to apply and material haulage, selections of materials etc.And also effect different geographic locations like hill areas, marshy areas for earthworks in road constructions.

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