Project Management

Project Directing – Site Engineer’s Job

The next step of project management principles is  project directing . The  site engineer deals  with  people  and  he  is  required  to   organize ,  motivate  and  co-ordinate people’s actions so that they do their work properly.

The  effectiveness  with  which  they  carry  out  his  instructions  depends  largely  on  his ability to speak and write in a manner which can be under stood by the particular group to whom it is directed.

The  main  flow  of  information  to  the  job  site engineer  is  generally  in  written  form.  The site engineer  is  given  the  particular  job  requirements  on   plans  and  in  specifications  and it is his duty  to  correctly  interpret  this  information  and  then  to  condense  it  into  a  form  which  can  be readily explained to his subordinates and be understood by them.

Also  the  site engineer  will  often  need  to  obtain additional information from the engineer’s staff and others  to be able to properly direct his men.

He must decide what specific information should be given to his subordinate and to what degree this information should be expanded so that they can understand it.

Consideration should also be given as to whether this information can be given verbally or in writing.

The  site engineer must  issue  sufficient  information  to  his  subordinates  to  enable them to control their section of the job in relation to the overall job program.

The timing of the issue of such information is also important. To be early with certain kinds of information is as serious as being late.

In relating information it is essential that, if it cannot be given in written form, then it should be given in an explicit manner such that it cannot be misunderstood by the receiver.

An instruction which is not specific can lead to misunderstandings on the job site, as the following example illustrates.

A  truck  driver  directed  to  unload   drainage   pipes  “opposite  the  gum  tree  beyond  the bridge” did just that. However he choose the wrong tree because he went to the wrong bridge.

Effective communication is vital in  organizations  because: –

•    It leads to high job morale.  

•    Only by this are attitudes and situations changed.  

•    It encourages full communication and hence it increases understanding and trust.

The   site engineer   should  consolidate  his  communicating  skills  by  utilizing  the information that the segments on Human Relations.

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