Project Management

Project Planning by Project Management

The road construction project planning must be carefully do so that it may be successfully carried out with regard to Quality, Time, Cost and available Resources.

The four stages of  project planning  can be identified and are:-

(1)     Study of project documents
(2)     Site inspection
(3)      Project appreciation
(4)     Preparation of a project program


The first step of the project planning is to be study of project documents, These documents are prepared during tendering process. The original condition can be slightly  changed when constructions are are going on( overall 10% max of bidding Value). it should not be vary too much and conditions are made during the bidding stages. Project management specialist are having sound knowledge about project plannings and cost variation rather than original. you can get an idea that how to prepare contract documents for a new project.

The following document are considered as project documents

•    The Project scheme (Plans, specification, quantities, estimates)
•    The commencement date
•    The target completion date
•    Details of funds to be allocated.

It  should  be  noted  that,  during  the  design  stage,  comprehensive  materials  surveys  are often carried out on imported and in-situ materials. The purpose of this is to ensure that, as far as possible,  construction management  problems  are  foreseen  and  allowed  for  in  the  design  and  estimated and analyses by various  project management  tools for the any scale of projects.    The construction  manager or project manager should  avail  himself  of  any  such  information  before  making  the  site

Aspects of the project requiring special attention during the site inspection should be noted.

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