Project Management

Project Management – Construction

Project management starts from the time the plans, specifications and other documents for a particular  scheme  are  received  and  continues  until  the  project  is  satisfactorily  and  economically completed.

The all sections requires to achieve the following.

A SOUND job. When all allocated funds have been spent, a completed asset is required -not a liability.

An  ECONOMICAL job.  The  project manager  and  project director are  team  leaders. The  consulting  Engineer  has  selected   as  such,  relying  on  their  knowledge  and  sense of
improvisation as well as their ability to co-ordinate and utilize the skills of others to produce the required asset as economically as possible.

A  SAFE job.  ,  in  keeping  with  legal  and  moral  safety  obligations,  must resist any temptation to relax safety for what may appear to be economy.

The  project director  is  responsible  for  the  overall  management  and  technical supervision  of  the  project  and  he  must  keep  his  consulting  Engineer  informed  of  progress, expenditure and anything which might adversely affect the successful completion of the project.

The project manager is responsible for the detailed management of the day to day running of the job, and his task is to achieve, under the direction of the consulting engineer, the objectives set  by  the  project director.  He  must  keep  the  consulting  engineer  informed  of  progress, expenditure and any deviation from the works program.

Functions of PM

The  Project manager  achieves  the  objectives  of   project management   through  his  activities  in  the following basic management functions: –



• Staffing

 • Directing 

• Controlling

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