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Project Appreciation of Project Management

Project appreciation is the next part of project planning which will be  the  project manager  should  discuss with the consultant engineer all aspects of the project including those things noted during the site inspection. The following factors should also receive attention :-

•    Availability of skilled and unskilled labor
•    Availability of plant and equipment
•    Availability of materials
•    Weather expected during the construction period
•    Industrial problems likely and possible corrective action
•    Work to be done by sub-contract and availability of suitable sub-contractors
•    Engineering and supervisor staff requirements like Plant Managers, Quantity Surveyor, Laboratory manager, Site managers etc. )
•    Limitations imposed by other bodies (Power Authorities, Local Authorities,  NWS & DB., Railway Department, Telecommunications etc. )
•    Availability of Public Utility service personnel to carry out service alterations.

The  Consultant Engineer and   Project manager   need  to  work  in  close  co-operation,  each  contributing his ideas, knowledge and skills to the planning operation to formulate the most likely and practical work plan.  Decisions are needed at this point to establish the details to be used in the  project program ,

•    Starting date
•    Organization to be used
•    Construction methods to be used
•    Plant, material and manpower requirements
•    Sequence to be used for job activities.

These decisions are closely related to the desired rate of construction.

Project appreciation is the structural process that analyse all the possible angles to success of the project. 

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