Project Management

Projects Management

Development of North-East region after the war is critical since resources which are highly demand within short time period;have to be allocated for the reconstruction.

Projects management is vital subject in civil engineering concerned about construction  projects in Sri Lanka  involved in many scales & diversified with wide range of civil engineering fields. Projects management is the key to an effective implementation of a project is the only way to bring effective aid utilization and is a way to recover from the crisis minimizing financial losses and wastage to achieve maximum benefits for the community of country.

The multi magnitude loans from IMF (International Monitoring Fund), long term low interest  loans from ADB (Asian Development Bank), JBIC (Japanese Bank for International Corporation) are taking by the government while the ongoing turmoil from the global financial crisis; to augment development process in the country.

Development of North-East region after the war is critical since resources which are highly demand within short time period; have to be allocated for the reconstruction. Therefore project management is a daunting task and the success or failure of a project depends on the skills and capabilities of the project manager and his team.

Projects management is top demand profession in worldwide today & lot of  jobs are available in the country & young civil engineers around 5 to 7 years experienced have opportunity to become project manager  in early stage of their carrier to fulfill the current demand.

Demand of Project management courses is also gradually increased in Sri Lanka & available as different stage of foundation, basic, intermediate, advanced, consultancy, and many other varieties.

The project management institutes in Sri Lanka dedicate maximum service to share their advance project management skills, science & researches to maximize professionalism. Project management skill has to utilize the certain goal to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, end of project and maintenance.

The success of project may depend on the some key skills of project manager, such as strong communication, realistic planning with budget, time & quality, team motivation ability, risk management, avoiding scope creep, expressing ideas clearly and urgency basis, working with priority basis, not to promise if you can’t do, promoting key peoples in organization etc…

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