Quarry Operation Site

5.10 Air Pollution

Quarry Operation Site Layout
(a) Dust generating would be effectively managed in all activities such as top soil removal, blasting operation, vehicle movement, operations of heavy equipments and plants etc by not working in the windy climate and reducing speed of the vehicle movement.
(b) All stockpiles would be located sufficiently away from sensitive receptors such as houses.
(c) All vehicles delivering materials would be covered to avoid spillage and dust emission.
(d) Vehicle speed limits would be enforced to 30km/h to minimize dust generation.
(e) Water truck would be employed for dust suppression.
(f) All cleared areas would be rehabilitated progressively.
(g) At the asphalt plant, dust extraction unit would be installed in order to minimize the emission of dust to the environment.

5.11 Odour & Offensive Smells

(a) All precautions would be taken to prevent odour and offensive smell emanating from chemicals if any and process applied in the work.
(b) In a situation where or when odour or offensive smell does occur, immediate action would be taken to rectify the situation.
(c) Waste disposal and sewerage treatment system would be operated properly.

5.12 Noise Pollution & Vibration
(a) All machinery and equipment would be well maintained to keep noise to a minimum.
(b) All vehicles and equipments would be provided with exhaust silences.
(c) Blasting would be carried out only with permission of the Engineer.
(d) Noise level due to the quarrying operations at the boundary of the quarry would be maintained at or below 55dB during working hours.
(e) All the statutory laws, rules, regulators pertaining to transport, storage, handling and use of explosives would be strictly followed.
(f) Blasting activities would be carried out during fixed hours as permitted by the Engineer.
(g) The timing would be made known to all the people within 500m from the blasting area.

5.13 Vibration

(a) Ground vibration peak particle velocity should not exceed the value of 5mm/sec at the nearest residence from the center of the quarry.

5.14 Loss or Damage to Trees & Vegetation
(a) All works would be carried out in a manner that the destruction to the flora and their habitats is minimized.
(b)  Every effort would be made to avoid removal or destruction of trees.
(c) The guidelines and recommendations made by the CEA would also be followed.

Quarry Operation Site Layout

5.15 Archeological Property
(a) In case of found any archeological property, it would be dealt with as per provisions of the relevant legislation.

6.0 Safety & Health Plan

In order to minimize the occurrence of site accident, the provision of a safe working environment for workers to work is essential.  Our company endeavors to make a zero accident record in each site.  In addition to the above, the following safety and health precaution must also be implemented in achieving the minimization of site accidents.

All reasonable precautions would be taken to prevent danger of the workers and the public from accidents such as explosions, blasts, falling rock, unsafe power supply lines, falling to excavated pits etc. Further all necessary safety appliances such as safety goggles, safety helmets, masks, safety boots etc would be provided to all the workers including working staff.

6.1 Prevention of Vector based Diseases

(a) Necessary actions would be implemented to prevent breeding of mosquitoes at work site.
(b) Stagnation of water in all areas including empty cans, containers, tyres etc would be prevented.
(c) All work place would be well cleaned and maintained.

Quarry Operation Site Layout

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