Roadway Excavations

5.1 Hard rock
• Road way excavation classified as hard rock would be carried out with the judgment of the Engineer.
• Blasting Engineer would carryout the blasting work with an acceptable blasting pattern in the presence of local Police. The person who involves in the blasting work would keep the attention not to damage to the surrounding objects.
• Control blasting would be carried out in places where the blasting work is so confined to avoid the damages to the surrounding objects.
• All the rock pieces exposed by the blasting work would be stocked in a suitable location and used in the construction work. These rock pieces would be loaded to a dump truck by using a bucket excavator.

5.2 Soft rock
• Soft rock shall comprises weathered rock, sandstone and lime stone
• Soft rocks would be cross ripped in a manner to break them easily. A Backhoe loader would be used for breaking them.
• All unsuitable material would be disposed to a suitable disposal location and spread by using wheel loader with out interfering with the drainage system adjacent to the disposal location.

6.0 Safety Plan
6.1 Safety Management Action Plan
In order to minimize the occurrence of site accident, the provision of a safe working environment for workers to work is essential.  Our company endeavors to make a zero accident record in areas where the roadway excavation is done.  In addition to the above, the following safety precaution must also be implemented in achieving the minimization of site accidents while roadway excavation.

6.1.1 Site Staff and Labor
• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as safety boots and helmets would be provided with workers on site. In addition, adequate PPE (e.g. ear and eye protectors) should also be available for construction works as required.
• All tools, plant, equipment and temporary facilities and all other items use to carry out the work should be in a safe, sound and good condition.
• Alcoholic drinks and other substances, which may impair judgment, would be prohibited from the Site.
• Working Radius: Mamoty and jungle clearing knife should have working space to move freely without hurting other employees.
• Fall Prevention Measures: Investigation would be taken place to identify falling hazards and preventive measures would be taken immediately.
• Signalmen would be deployed if the work spaces disturb traffic flow in the main road.  A traffic supervisor would also be deployed to take responsibility over the traffic control.

• First Aid Facilities: First aid facilities such as a first aid box would be made available for in case of minor injury treatment.
• All workers involved in the blasting work at the site would be informed to stay at a safer distance before start the blasting work.

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