Road Construction Safety

Safety Rules for a Construction Project

These safety rules for construction Project ought to be taken as conditions of employment. Every effort must be built to convince the men that they’re for personal protection. If this type of should fail the security rules must be enforced.

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  • No reasonable request to the Foreman for the issue of protective gear will be refused.
  • All employees will wear suitable footwear. This is the responsibility of the employee. Bare feet and thongs are not permitted on the job.
  •  All employers are at all times to keep the job and camp area clean and tidy and free of hazards which may cause injury to others. Strict hygiene discipline is to be enforced.
  • All employees who sustain an injury of any kind are to report to the job office for first aid treatment.
  •  All employees are to observe recognized safe methods of working, short cuts and make shift methods may only be used with the permission of the Foreman.
  • All hand tools are to be inspected for damage before issue from the store before use and on return to store. Defects are to be reported immediately.
  • All employees are required to take adequate care of their own safety and the safety of the other men on the job. This includes –

(a) Assisting others when the need arises.

(b) Asking for assistance when required.

(c) Keeping alert so that risks may be avoided, eliminating any dangers found and warning others and reporting them to the Foreman.

  • Smoking and naked lights are not permitted while working with or in the vicinity of –

(a) Inflammable liquids either in the open or in store.

(b) Bitumen being carted or sprayed.

(c) Newly sprayed bitumen.

(d) Line marking plant and paint.

  • Fire precautions, as laid down in Regulation of The Construction Safety Act, are to be observed by all employees at all times.
  • Unauthorized electrical and liquid petroleum gas connections and the tampering with such connections by unauthorized persons is strictly forbidden.

This is complete guide to “how to plan any road construction project or job safely. You can save millions of LIVES AND MONEY by following above  safety rules for road construction project .

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