Project Management

Site Managers Job Function

Site managers duty or job on civil engineering construction site will vary according to the project type or job. Here, site managers job function has been introduced generally.

•    Reports to project coordinator.

•    Plans and coordinates site activities with site staff

•    Monitors work progress and quality control.

•    Liaises with client and consults and local authorities.

•    Attends all clients and consults meeting.

•    Liaises with sub-contractors.

•    Liaises with nominated sub contractors.

•    Liaises with manager planning and development and prepares micro programs.

•    Preparation of  monthly progress reports.

•    Preparation of planned monthly work programs.

All the site managers job function are result to the good quality work. Therefore to gain that, site manager should give his attention to the above functions. Also maintaining records are very important. Records and reports are mirror of the history of any construction site. There are various types of records and reports available in construction site depending on requirements. The proper writing and completion of reports and records will be great advantage for continuous run of the project. Also there is a proper maintains of that records. It is essential the work at site smoothly. When starting a construction main responsibility is to prepare a job layout for the project.

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