Structure Excavation & Backfilling

1.0 Introduction
This Method Statement covers the necessary excavation and back backfilling for any structures such as foundation of Bridges, Culverts, and Retaining walls win walls, Head Walls, and other Structures.

2.0 Abbreviation
QAE    – Quality Assurance Engineer.
SE    – Site Engineer.

TO    – Technical Officer.
QAS    – Quality Assurance System.
ME    – Materials Engineer (Contractor)

3.0 Resource Allocation

Manpower Equipment Tools
Site Engineer Wheel back-hoe Loader or Excavator Mamoties
Forman Wheel Loader Pick axes
1 No Supervisor Dump trucks(15 tons)/ Tractor Trailer Crow-bars
2 No Flagmen (minimum) Rammer Wheel barrows
3 No Skilled labour Vibrating Roller Shovels
3 No Unskilled labour Water Bowser Breaker or Chisel if necessary
5 No Operators Level Instruments
Safety inventory
04 No of blinkers, 10 No of barrels , 02 No of signal torches,
10No Traffic Jackets with Retro reflective  patches/stripes
Sufficient barricade tapes.
06 No barricade boards with Retro reflective stripes
02 No Stop and Go signs, 01 No Road works ahead
05 No of traffic cones, 01 No End sign ( road works end)

4.0 Quality Control Procedure

4.1 Sampling and Testing
Samples of soil would be taken from the locations were excavations done, by the Engineer and those samples would be placed in a polythene bag providing identification tag. All required tests would be carried out in the materials testing laboratory according to the frequencies specified in the technical specification to confirm whether the material can be classified as Embankment Type I or Embankment Type II. Other required tests would be carried out after placing and compacting over and behind the structures.

4.2 Inspection Check list

To ensure that the all activities being performed with the expected quality, an inspection check list would be filled by QAE or the respective QC inspectors in case of pre construction and during construction. The inspection check list shall include the specific requirements, safety and environmental measures.

4.3 Dimension Control
Excavation for any structure would be carried out according to the designed cross sections.  The required dimension of the foundations or any other part would be properly maintained during the excavation and those requirements would be checked with the inspection check list.
The final filling level will be decided by designed cross section or as per the drawings. The setting out for finish level would be done by the surveyor.

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