land surveying

Surveying Methodology



Generally the entire construction project involves surveying, the following steps are proceed in road construction projects to covers the Traverse Surveying, Temporary Bench Mark Surveying, and Center Line Setting out, Center Line marking, Cross Section Survey and Submittable of Drawings.


TBM – Temporary Bench Mark

GA – Government Body

Traffic Safety Management & Control


Safety Awareness Meeting

Safety awareness meeting has to be conducted every working day morning/every other day to brief the work force in the safety prevention measures. Traffic Safety will be discussed as a topic. Each survey group should be well awarded to follow specified instructions such as “Barricading Boards” and signalmen will be deployed to control the traffic flow during working time. The survey team should have practical knowledge to adjust following specified instructions that will not meet.


Operating Procedure

Site investigation has to be carried out for safety precautions prior to commencement of the work, in order to display relevant sign boards.

  • Men at work 75m-100m ahead” sign boards would be placed on both left hand side of the road.
  • 25 m away from men at work sign Narrow Road/one lane traffic sign would be placed in order to notify the drivers with regard to road situation.
  • Working area will be corded off with traffic cones to indicate setting out survey for the oncoming traffic to see on both sides.
  • “One way traffic ahead” sign boards would be placed 90m ahead of working area in order to notify oncoming drivers.
  • Traffic controllers would be deployed on both sides in order to control “one way traffic”.
  • Photographs would be taken to disseminate and maintain traffic safety records.
  • Radio communication system would be used where normal communication is impossible.
  • After completion of the work, safety cones and barricade boars has to be removed accordingly.

General Traffic Arrangement will illustrate


In addition to following safety precaution has to be adopting to minimize accidents that can be happened.


  • Safety helmets, traffic safety vests, boots, dust mask & gloves will be provided.
  • Warning sign boards would be displayed through out the site.
  • Monthly safety awareness program & training program would be conducted.
  • First aid facilities would be provided.
  • Safety officer has to visit the sites twice a day and required safety measures will be adopted at site. In addition, work discrepancies will be discussed in the following day morning at the safety meeting


Man Power

2 Site Engineers

2 Nos. Total Station

1 Safety Officer

4 Nos. Survey Staff

4 Surveyors

2 Nos. Level Instrument

22 Skill Laborers

Equipment & Hand Tools

8 Flagmen

3 Nos. Tape (30m)

6 Nos. Tape (5m)

24 Nos. Traffic Cone

1 No. Rope (30m Length)

6 Nos. Safety Sign Board

4 Nos. Walkies Talkie

1 Narrow Road Traffic Safety Sign Board


Road Marking

Concrete Nails

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