Accidents in Construction Site

Accidents in construction site.

The first thing which must be understood is that whether an accidents in construction site results in injury to a person or loss or damage to equipment, or not, it is still an accident which if repeated, may cause injury,  loss  or  damage.  Therefore  ALL accidents in construction site  need  to  be  investigated  with  a  view  to eliminating the cause.

When an accident happens involving people and/or plant or vehicles many things have to be done quickly, e.g.

•    Treatment of the injured person.

•    The switch off of plant, vehicle or machinery.

•    Precaution in case of fire.

•    Redirection of road and road traffic.

•    Having done this you have some decisions to make, e.g.

•    Can the victim be moved ?

•    Should you call the ambulance.

•    Will you move the victim to the hospital or nearest doctor if so using what vehicle and where is it.

•    Should you move the damaged plant or vehicle – there are legal restrictions.

•    Do you need the police.

•    Should the accident be reported to the Engineer.

•    Who are the witness if any.

•    Should you start investigating the accident now or later.

You  cannot  do  all  these  things  yourself,  so  it  is  better  to  stand  aside,  consider  the  whole situation, make decisions and organize others.

The  two  things  you  cannot  avoid  doing  personally  are  the  collecting  and  passing  of information to the Project Office and the investigation of the accident.

Remember all accidents involving the injury of people who have to leave or be evacuated from  the  job  and  those  involving  damage  to  plant,  vehicle  and  equipment  are  to  be  reported immediately  to  the   Engineer  or  in  his  absence  to  the  appropriate  person  at  the Project  Office.  In  the  case  of  serious  accidents  the  services  of  the  Plant  Inspector  and  the Project safety Officer should be requested. Always carry out an investigation and make out your report as soon as possible after the  accident .