Building Construction

Brick Laying Method

Brick laying method is to be follow brick wall construction, we should refer relevant drawings provided for brick wall construction (architectural drawings for brick works, doors and windows so on) and should identify the places where openings are appeared and their dimensions (width, height), with of the wall, and the type of bond specified.

In the setting out relevant lines are provided on the slab so that the construct the brick wall. The surface is well cleaned. It should be free from dust, grease, stain and other loosely bonded particles. The surface is first dampened and cement grout can be applied to the surface so that increase the bonding. The first mortar bed is put between lines and leveled to the uniform thickness using trowel.

Two bricks are first laid at ends pressing them into the mortar as full-face contact with. It should be as edges are aligning with given lines. For laying other bricks a line is stretched between two bricks at ends so as edges are align. This is done for maintain the level and to align edges of he brick course. Next mortar is filled in to the mortar joints and presses them in the gap by using trowel. Then another mortar bed is laid on the 1st brick course and leveled to a uniform thickness. The brick laying method is typical for the upper layers as first layer but at the each layer beyond, the two bricks laid at ends should be plumb to the bottom bricks at straight below before stretching the thread between.