Flood Control

Channel Excavation

How to do a channel excavation, Side Drain, Side Ditches etc..

1.0 Introduction
This works consist of excavation for all channels, drains, ditches where in side and out side of the right of way showing on the Drawing or as instructed by the Engineer. The proper drainage shall be provided by constructing, shaping, finishing or backfilling where necessary involved in conformity with the required alignment, levels, grades and cross sections.

2.0 Abbreviation
QAE    – Quality Assurance Engineer
QAI    – Quality Assurance Inspector
QCI    – Quality Control Inspector
SE    – Site Engineer
SEO    – Safety and Environmental Officer
TO    – Technical Officer
QAS    – Quality Assurance System
ME    – Materials Engineer (Contractor)

3.0 Resource Allocation

3.1   Man power

Site  Engineer -01
Flagmen ( If necessary)-02
Surveyor helpers-05
SK/USK  labours-08
Operators- As required

3.2   Equipment & Tools

Back-hoe loader
Wheel Loader( If necessary)
Dump trucks(15 tons)
Tractor Trailer
Compacting rollers
Level instrument
Mortar pans
Pick axes
Wheel barrows
Safety Inventory
01. 10 No of barrels
02. 02 No of signal Men
03. 10No Traffic Jackets with Retro reflective patches/stripes
04. Sufficient barricade tapes.
05. 05 No barricade boards with Retro reflective stripes
06. 02 No Stop and Go signs
07. 03 No Road works ahead
08. 01 No Road Works ahead, End
09. 05 No of traffic cones
10. 04 No. of Blinking Lights

4.0 Quality Control Procedures

4.1 Sampling and testing

Embankment Filling Material:
Samples would be collected from the work execution areas and would be placed in a polythene bag providing identification tag. All required tests would be carried out in the materials testing laboratory for identification suitability of the Excavation Materials. The areas where backfilling is required for the conformity of the design levels, the works would be carried out with approved filling materials in layer by layer as described in technical specifications. Required test would be carried out after placing and compacting to check the degree of compaction.

4.2 Inspection Check list
To ensure that the all activities being performed with the expected quality, an inspection check    list would be filled by the person in charge for the Channel excavation in case of  covering  pre construction, during construction. The inspection check list shall include the specific requirements, safety and environmental measures.

4.3 Dimension Control
Channel excavation would be carried out according to the designed cross sections conformity with typical section issued for construction. The required shape, depth and offset of the excavation would be properly maintained during construction and those requirements would be checked with the inspection check list.

5.0 Methodology

5.1 Setting Out
• The setting out would be carried out in the area where the Engineer’s approval is given for channel excavation.
• Levels of excavation would be marked by the surveyor using pegs.
• The line of the Excavation would be marked with lime powder or any other proper manner

5.2 Excavation and Shaping
• The set out area would be subjected for the excavation with machinery or in manual manner conformity with designed line and levels
• The shape of the drain would be maintained to satisfy the typical sections issued for the construction.
• All materials suitable for embankment Construction removed from excavations would be used in Embankment construction or any other filling specified to fill with Embankment Materials.
• Materials deemed not suitable for embankment filling  would be disposed of to approved disposal locations
• Any area backfilling have to be done to form earth drains, filling would be done using approved filling material instructed by the Engineer