Earth Works Road Construction

Earth Moving Operations

The main  earth moving  operations associated with road construction are :-

(1)     Stripping vegetation and topsoil

(2)     Loosening material in cuttings and borrow pits

(3)     Excavating material

(4)     Loading material and hauling to the embankment (or to spoil)

(5)     Spreading, shaping, watering, compacting and trimming the fill material.


Prior  to   excavating  material   for  use  in   embankments ,  all  surface  vegetation  must  be  stripped from the area to be excavated. This material is unsuitable for embankment  construction  but may be required together with the top soil for revegetating batters or for forming catch banks. Where batters are to be revegetated sufficient top soil (usually 50-100  mm)  must also be removed to cover  the  batters  to  the  required  depth.

Also  the  whole  surface  on  which  embankments  are  to  be  constructed  must  be  stripped  of  all grasses  and  other  vegetable  matter.  This  striping  operation  is  usually  best  carried  out  with  a dozer.

Any stripped material required for revegetation of batter or catch banks must be stockpiled in a location where it will readily be accessible when required during the construction of cutting and embankments but not in such a locations that it will obstruct the earth moving  operations .