Earth Works Road Construction

Earthworks Construction Planning

In earthworks construction planning, there are two golden rules, and these must be borne in mind during the planning of the job. They are :-

(1)     Never double handle material, and

(2)     Whenever possible, load and carry material downhill.

The Engineer must plan to ensure that :-

•    The standards set out in the plans and specifications are achieved,

•    The  best  use  is  made  of  the  available  plant.  (He  must  appreciate  the  applicability  and limitation of each type of machine).

•    Whenever possible, available materials are used in the most appropriate position.

•    Work is taken forward on a face with finishing and trimming being carried out as the  work proceeds .

•    Haul roads are carefully located and grades are satisfactory.

•    Cuttings and fills are always properly drained.

•    Culvert laying is sufficiently ahead of  earthworks  so as not to cause delays.

•    Satisfactory provision is made for the  safe  and convenient passage of  traffic .

•    Account is taken of things likely freedom of operations, e.g. allowable loads on bridges and culverts, utility authorities’ services and mains etc.

•    Work on sections likely to bog equipment during the wet is, if possible, carried out during the dry season.

•    Work is carried out in accordance with the earthworks program.

Typical set of rules that apply for  earthworks construction planning  are not limited to above and if you need additional information, see related posts.