Earth Works Road Construction

Loader Operator Techniques used in Pit

In  any  pit-type  operation  the  loader  is  the  key  (major  role)  machine  in  determine  the  rate  of production.  To  ensure  that  this  machine  is  worked  continuously  and  efficiently  the  following points should be observed :

(1)     Although  most  loaders  are  extremely  manoeuvrable  and  can  load  under  awkward conditions,  the  best  production  is  obtained  if  the  angle  of  turn  and  walking  distance  is
kept to a minimum.

(2)     Ensure the loader operator keeps the floor of the excavation clean and level.

(3)     Provide  a  near  vertical  face  on  a  stockpile  to  assist  loading  efficiency.  If  possible  the operator should have his back to the wind.

(4)     Most loader-digging is done with the bucket flat or tilted to a slight downward angle. This position gives maximum penetration into banks and high spots, and cuts a smooth path for the loader’s tracks or wheels. The flat position is bets for pushing up a quantity of loose material, but the bucket should be turned down steeply for spreading and grading so that the material will flow freely from the bucket.

(5)    For normal soils, the method is to force the bucket into the toe of the bank and then lift. It is often desirable to crowd the filled bucket against the upper part of the bank to break up the material so that it will slide down to the where it can be picked up easily on the next pass.