Motor Grader Road Construction

Maintenance of motor grader – 1


A Motor grader is a high performance machine and should be treated as such. The manufacturer’s guide to maintenance of motor grader should be followed using only the approved lubricants and service schedules. If incorrect or substandard servicing is done then the life of the machine will be shortened and the running costs increased.


The rubber tyres of a motor grader are expensive, so every care should be used to stop undue damage.

  •  Direction of rotation.

Care must be taken in fitting of tyres of motor grader to follow the manufacture’s instructions. If a drive tyre is not installed to the correct direction of rotation then the ‘lugs’ will quickly be damaged.

RULE: Looking down on the rear drive tyres the drive lugs will form a ‘V’ pointing to the front. The front wheels will form the ‘V’ facing the rear.

  •  Size of tyres.

As the driving tyres of motor grader are all rotating at exactly the same speed of rotation, if tyres of different diameters are used (Old with New) then the larger diameter tyres wear quickly to become the same size as the old tyres.

  •  Wheel slip.

Wheel slip of motor grader causes excessive wear and cutting. The motor grader operator with experience and training should know the correct amount of material to move.

Maintenace of motor grader’s cutting edge .

It is essential that the cutting edges be replaced or turned when they reach the limit of wear. This is about 2 cm from the mouldboard. A cutting edge of motor grader is double edged so when one edge wears out it can be turned to use the new edge. If this is not done then damage to the mouldboard could be such that a new backing surface has to be welded on to the mouldboard causing down time and losses.

There are may be additional maintenance of motor grader which can be arise when it is working during the night.