Project Management

Project Management – Materials Control

The effective material control is essential to the efficient management of resources and overall job control. Hence the site engineer must ensure that he: –

• Orders the correct type and quantity of materials.

• Has them in the right place at the desired time. Ordering material well ahead of requirement is essential to the job and assists personnel in Stores and Supply to satisfy the requirements of ALL jobs.

• Checks that the materials are of the specified quality

• Complies  with  all  project specifications(project management) as  to  the  taking  of  natural  materials.  Refer always to material engineer.

Very well material control factors in a project will enhance quality and profit to the project.

Project Management – Plant Control

A similar approach applies to the control of construction plant and equipment and a good supervision ensures that :-

• The  construction company is not being used merely because it is available when other plant, perhaps hired, would be more efficient. The construction manager/project manager, with access to the overall projects in specific area which are closed to perticular project plant needs, should be consulted if an item of plant is not the most suitable for that activity.

• The construction company is such that all items of plant are kept working as efficiently as possible.

• Plant is being skillfully operated and properly maintained.

There  are  occasions  when  the  use  of  a  particular  machine  is  unwise,  as  adverse  site conditions result in a poor job requiring corrective work later. This is undesirable, uneconomical and bad for morale.

Plant requirements are usually included in the works program.