method statement

Pile Hacking Method Statement

 Pile hacking method statement  shall be subjected to change  any time according to the actual site condition where construction going on. This is general guide line to prior to construction works commenced.

1.1 Resources to be used.

(a) Machinery

1.    120 hp Excavator – 01 No

2. 265 hp Compressor – 01 No

3.    175 hp  Compressor – 01 No

(b) Tools

1.    Breakers                      – 05 Nos.

2.    Chipping Breaker          – 02 Nos.

3.    Mammoth

4.    Wheel Barrows

5.    Shovel

6.    Leveling Instrument

7.    Theodolite

8.    Staff

9.    Measuring Tape

(c) Human Resource

1.    Engineer

2.    Technical Supervisor

3.    Survey assistant

4.    Skilled Labor – 07 Nos.

1.2 Method of Pile Hacking

(a) Setting Out

  • The working drawings will be used for setting out work.
  • The pile hacking level shall be same as the pile cutoff level
  • The Levels will be checked by Engineer before excavation.

(b) Pile Hacking

  • Hacking program shall be submitted to the Engineer before starting the work.
  • Any pile can be hacked only if the pile concrete is matured by 28 days.
  • Entire foundation area will be divided to three equal areas and if we assume those areas as area A, B & C; This may be change according to your construction area. then excavation work will be started from Area A. Targeted excavation level will be 175mm below the pile cut off level. This dimensions are depend on the construction drawings.
  • According to the soil condition Engineer should decide on the suitability of the excavated soil for reuse at the site. When excavation work in progress soil will be placed according to the condition of the soil. If soil can be reused it will be placed where material stock piles are available. All the reusable material should get prior written consent from the engineer after doing the relevant laboratory experiment, if not it will be placed where it could be easily removable from site.
  • Once excavation work for area A finished, Excavator will be shifted to area B and then pile breaking gang will start pile breaking work in area A. Similar procedure will be continued to all the area A, B and C
  • When breaking the piles, level of the pile will be checked by the Technical Supervisor with the help of a Surveyor Assistant.
  • Pile breaking will be stopped when it reached to the Pile Cut Off Level.
  • Non usable concrete pieces an non usable soil will be sent out of the Site premises.

(c) Safety

  • All the site staff and worker should where safety helmets and shoes
  • Workers must wear eye goggles, ear protectors and hand gloves where necessary
  • All the dangerous areas must be barricaded
  • All the electrical wires and sockets such a way that must be covered to safety regulations
  • All the site staff and workers must be alert when working near machinery
  • Excavated area shall be illuminated during the night time

(d) Protection

  • The excavated area will be demarcated using barricade tape stretched on 12 mm steel bars, around the perimeter.
  • Side of excavation will be protected using polythene sheets laid and fixed to the soil using steel nails.
  • Sand bags will be placed around the edge of the embankment bottom protect the water seepage
  • Water pumps must be ready at any time for immediate use.

All the details of  Pile Hacking Method Statement  are provided to concerning the particular site & This will slightly change with your sites.