Motor Grader Road Construction

Mouldboard of motor grader

Blade Tilt of motor grader.

The tilt or vertical angle of the mouldboard of motor grader  is variable. It can be tilted from an almost vertical position to an angle of approx 10 to 20 degrees.
The Three basic positions are:

  •  Mixing or Cutting.

The mouldboard is tilted back close to the extent of full tilt. The cutting edge of motor grader will be at an angle such that material can easily be cut and drawn onto the blade. Because of the curved shape of the mouldboard the material will rise to the top of the blade then fall back to the bottom, thus mixing the material.

The mouldboard of  motor grader  is tilted near to the extreme of forward tilt causing the cutting edge to be nearly vertical. The edge will not cut in this position but only slid over the surface. This can be used to take very small amounts of material from the surface.

  • General.

The mouldboard of  motor grader  is placed near the centre of tilt angle. This is a compromise position and is handy for ordinary work. This position should not be used for specialised cases as above.