Project Management

Project Controlling of Project Management

The next step of project management principles is  Project Controlling . Effective  project controlling  involves  seeing  that  the  job  is  being  carried  out  as  planned.  It  is,  in effect,  checking  regularly  to  find  out  what  has  been  achieved  and  comparing  that  with  what should have been achieved and taking action to correct any deficiencies.


The purpose of project control is to ensure that: –

• The work is carried out as specified. The plans and specifications should not be regarded as being completely inflexible and the site engineer is expected to bring to the attention of the consultant engineer any aspect of the job he feels may need change (e. g. raising a grade- line for economy when unrippable rock is encountered). However he must not make changes without the necessary approvals.

•  Construction  plant is properly used and maintained.

• The  programmed  rate of construction and expenditure is maintained or bettered.

• Treatment of job personnel and sub-contractors is just and fair.

• Conditions set down in the various Industrial Awards are implemented and maintained.

• Proper records of the work carried out are maintained.

• All safety requirements are observed.

The required standards and controlling factors are set out in the following documents: –

(a)  Working drawings

(b)  Specifications

(c)  Standards

(d)  Estimates

(e)  Job Program

(f)  Materials Schedule

(g) Safety Codes , Acts and Regulations